New Ways to Use Our Hands

Book 2 of Earthlings on Erantus

Humans don’t expect to find Erantus, a livable planet already home to three other interstellar immigrants. One of these is the rishi, a technologically advanced species that chooses their reproductive sex and morphology during puberty resulting in a bio-caste based society led by a handful of Queens.


She fought to be on the ground team, then everything went wrong. Stranded after their fuel supply is compromised, she convinces the others to turn to the rishi. Now kept as a captive-ambassador, Charlie is at the mercy of the rishi until they decide humans are trustworthy.


Kiret’s been assigned to learn how humans work inside and out. Biologically, socially, culturally. He didn’t expect to actually like the strange little human. As they get closer, he’s starting to question his own place in rishi society and the expectations that have been forced on him. He’s never “rebelled” before, but it’s starting to feel like an excellent idea. 


It wasn’t until his paramour Kiret started working with Charlie that Sharra took an actual interest. It turned out they’re pretty interesting, on their own. But is this…jealousy? Oh these are some complicated emotions. And his own brother threatening violence certainly isn’t making things easier. Everything used to be so much simpler…

Content includes: xenophilia, grinding, non-penetrative intercourse, general FMM(ish) sexual content, reference to violence